Sunday, June 22, 2014


Daddy and his girls.  We were getting ready for church.  The funny thing is that if we don't get ready in time for the early service, then we often have a little time to spare while waiting for time to leave for the second service.

 Eva at 6 weeks.  She weighs 10 lbs 13 oz.  She's becoming much more social. Smiling and responding to us when we talk to her.  She's a good baby but not really on a predictable schedule so we are still in survival mode just getting things done when we can and going with the flow. Sometimes she sleeps well. Sometimes she won't sleep unless I'm holding her.   I never know.

Today we went to a community event where they blocked off a bunch of the streets and had lots of activities and booths promoting fitness and health.  I'm not sure why the humane society was there. I guess pets are good stress relievers and dogs get you out walking.  It was the first thing that captured the girls attention.
 The next thing was the climbing wall and bounce house. Amanda went on the climbing wall while Tali and Julia went with Mike to the bounce house.  I was wearing Eva and Ana just wanted to stay close to me.
 Amanda looks a little nervous.  She climbed very cautiously.  You can see how she is almost to the top alone and very shortly, my cousin's daughter had climbed up to the same level. The company that brought this wall is from Duluth and they have courses set up along the North Shore.  Definitely on my list of things to do soon!  I'm including the link for my own reference.

 I'm trying to get the pictures on my side bar updated and the ones in my living room since the ones that are there are from two years ago.  Here are the photos from Picture Day Attempt No. 1.

My girls are cute no matter what but I'm going to try again another day.

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Party of 5 said...

They are all are one lucky mama. Also love the girls sitting there with Mike :)