Monday, May 19, 2014

Pine Trees

Three sides of our property are lined with pine trees. I have no love for them. In the back, they shade the garden. They attract the mosquitoes and they give us a lot of work raking up sticks, needles and pine cones.  Pine needle piles really aren't very nice to jump into.  But they are here so we deal with them.  Today we went outside right after breakfast since it was supposed to rain later in the day.  I had worked on raking  piles over the last few days so my mom and the girls got ready to load them on the tarp to haul back to the compost pile.  But first they went for a little train ride.
 I didn't get any pictures of the actually work being done, but here's how they rode back home after the final load got dumped.
We also got a start cleaning and organizing the garage.  Much of the seasonal organization and clean-up didn't get done at the end of last year because I was dealing with morning sickness. A long cold winter filled with constructions projects also contributed to the mess.  It was a very productive morning and we were all ready for a nap by 11 am. ;)

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snekcip said...

I loathe pine trees!! They also clutter up your rain gutters, sit on your roof and detain ALL the moisture from Mother Nature has to offer and causes TONS of money in roof repairs!