Friday, May 16, 2014

One month Eva

 Ana practicing baby wearing.  She figured out how to tie these babies on by herself.  A significant milestone which means I don't have to wrap and unwrap her baby a dozen times an hour. She can do it herself.
 We had some great weather on the weekend and Mike and the girls spent most of the days outside.

 And then winter came back but we didn't let that stop us from getting outside.  Quite frankly, the girls drive me bonkers in the house. We have to go outside.

 Ana was so excited to go roller blading. "We haven't going roller blading for a long time."  Yes, Dear, all winter, no roller blading.
 Amanda made cup cakes to celebrate Eva's one month anniversary.
 Gotta love those squishy cheeks!  She was really alert today and paying attention.
 These pictures were from yesterday and she wouldn't look at me or the camera.
She is also very fussy today.  There seems to be a strong correlation between me eating chocolate and her be alert and then fussy. So sad!

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16 blessings'mom said...

She is absolutely gorgeous. I love her blue sleeper, too. It's her color:)....and too bad about the chocolate! I used to find it was a great comfort on those afternoons when I was longing for a nap yet couldn't seem to manage to get one...Eva is a very sweet little girl, congratulations.