Monday, May 5, 2014

Eva's first day outdoors.

Three weeks old. Newborness disappears three hours at a time.  Day and night, the cycles of eat, burp, change and sleep guide our days and then all of a sudden, three weeks have gone by.
 And it's finally warm enough to spend some time outside! Yay!
 It's been cold, wet, rainy and snowy so Eva and I have stayed inside. But I'm starting to get anxious to plant things so we headed out today and dug up some of the gardens before it was time for Eva to wake up and come outside.
 It wasn't quite warm enough for no jackets but once one girls get hot, they all are hot and need to take their jackets off.  They were quite thrilled to have Eva outside too and kept coming over and trying to touch her with their COLD hands.
 Julia is enjoying the outdoors more these days and is more independent when exploring and running around the yard.  She seems to have forgotten what swinging feels like and doesn't like it any more.

 We dug up this little guy while turning over one of the gardens.  Amanda's new best friend. *shudder*

They are so sweet when they are all getting along.

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