Thursday, May 1, 2014

Eva's Baptism

April 27th marked one year since my grandmother's passing.  Since Julia and Tali had both been born passed their due dates there was some speculation that Eva could be born on Grandma's heavenly birthday.  I decided to be more optimistic and asked if we could schedule her baptism for that day.  I'm glad she was born two days before her due date instead of being later.  As it was, I was still pretty sore and wiped out.

 The girls remember Julia getting this "burp rag" at her baptism too. I think they have a better understanding of the meaning of getting a new white garment at baptism now.

Eva's godparents are our friends Craig and Theresa.  They are also Julia's godparents.  We wanted to chose people for god parents that we knew would be a regular part of our child's life.  We chose my siblings for the other girls' godparents. They each are godparents of two of our kids. We had just moved here when it was time to have Julia baptized so we didn't really know many people from the church but we've know Craig and Theresa for years. I didn't realize how connected they have been to our family until we were out for dinner after Mass one night when my sister told the story about her son asking, "Now, how are Craig and Theresa related to us?"  That's when I knew they'd be a good choice for Julia's godparents. When Eva came along we thought we'd just continue the tradition of having repeat godparents.

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