Thursday, April 17, 2014

Welcome Eva Marie

We've been keeping a secret! 
Almost 38 weeks

April 15th at 3:02 am little Eva Marie made her entrance. After losing Jamie last year, it was hard to believe we'd be holding this precious bundle a year later.  Our rainbow baby. The promise after the storm.  So precious.

My mom brought the sisters to visit outside our hospital window. I didn't want them to come into the hospital and pick up more germs.  They were happy to see Eva through the window.

Eva is so super calm and sleepy. Too a fault. We've had a difficult time getting breastfeeding going well.

Super sweet, super relax and alert.  Just not so interested in nursing until today.
We are so thankful for everyday of her precious life!  Eva was 21" long, had a 13 3/4 " head and a 14" chest. We don't know her exact weight because it appears that the scale had not been properly tared.  The scale read 9 lb 9.4 oz at birth but we think that included the weight of the pad and blanket.  When she was weighed at 24 hrs, she only weighed 8 lbs 4 oz.  The doctor and nurse weighed a pad and blanket and they weighed 9.4 oz. So we can guess she was about 9 lbs. I'll write out her birth story another day. Here's hoping for a little sleep tonight.


Davene Grace said...

Those "after the storm" babies are indeed so, so precious. I'm incredibly grateful that God blessed you again in this way! :)

I hope and pray you get some good rest, and also that Eva will get the hang of breastfeeding.

Carissa said...

That's quite a secret! Congratulations!

Deborah said...

How wonderful!! Congratulations and God bless your beautiful family!