Sunday, April 20, 2014

So much sweetness

On my discharge instructions, my doctor wrote, "For two weeks don't anything except care for yourself and the baby."  Mike and my mom have been doing a great job of taking care of the girls and keeping them busy.  They were all starting to get sick about the time that we came home so I've been hiding out in my room avoiding their sickness.  Julia was so sad when she didn't get the hold the baby and would just sob, "Hug the baby! Hug the baby!"  Thankfully every one is feeling better but I still only let one girl in the bedroom with us at a time.  

 Rosie is such an incredible baby. I've never had a baby so quiet. She rarely cries. I have to wake her up to eat. She nurses very slowly but she doesn't spit up and she doesn't wake up with tummy complaints.  She falls asleep peaceful and stays asleep until I pick her up and change or unwrap her.  After eating she's calm, quiet and relaxed.  Which is why I'm able to take so many photos. :)

It took about four days for me to feel well enough to really enjoy Rosie but now I'm just savoring these days when I have extra help and can just enjoy this sweet little one.

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