Saturday, April 19, 2014

Almost Day Four- Eva Rose Marie Violet Patience

When we were discussing what to name Julia, Mike suggested Eva.  Eva was my mother's father's mother. She lived with my grandparents and she lived to be almost 101.  She passed away when I was in elementary school. I remember her fondly. Especially, "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream." Which was our cue that we should get her a bowl of ice cream and have one ourselves. Occasionally, I remember staying overnight to "babysit" Big Grammy. I remember once I was hiding behind the couch painting my finger nails when my aunt and uncle stopped by to check on us. I'm not sure why I was being sneaky about the polish but I was. :)  Anyway, I liked the name, but it wasn't Julia's name.
We waited a long time to tell the girls about the pregnancy. Jamie's loss was very hard on Amanda. She is very sensitive to the pain of loss. When we did, they immediate asked about getting to name the baby.  Amanda wanted to call her Rose.
Then she asked Tali what the should name the baby if it's a boy.  Tali said, "Violet!"

Mike has been saying for a while that we needed to name our next baby Patience since I was always telling the girls to "Wait with Patience."  He would say, "I don't know who Patience is but we're always telling the girls to go wait with her."
I really liked Eva Rose Marie but as the person responsible for filling out forms, I wanted to keep the name short.  But I would really like to just call her Rosie.  Mike grandma's name was Nelda but everyone always called her Bunny. It was sort of officially part of her name. I'm going to have to consult with all parties involved but hopefully they will agree to call her Rosie.


The Henrys said...

I love her name! It is beautiful and I think it would be so cute to call her Rosie:). I hope everyone agrees with you.

David W. Fisher said...

That quip about Patience makes me laugh! :)

Eva is a lovely name, but I think Rosie suits her really well, too. :)

I have thought that if we ever had another girl, I would like to possibly give her two middle names, so we could use a name from each of her grandmothers. It would be _______ (haven't decided on a first name yet) Ellen Irene. But I'm wondering if I would kick myself every time I had to fill out a form. But I don't have to decide yet, that's for sure... ;-)

Davene Grace said...

Oh, good grief. I never think to check how I'm signed in before I leave a comment. I think for that last comment, I was signed in using David's account. Sorry about that!!