Sunday, January 12, 2014

More Ski Jumping

Ski jumping has started again.  We went once before Christmas but since then it has been just too cold to get out.  Jumping is ok when it's 0 or above with minimal wind and we have not had many days like that. It finally warmed up enough on Thursday and Amanda moved up into jumping skis.  Jumping skis are longer, use different boots and have no edges.  The fact that there are no edges means it's trickier to get around and harder to stop and turn.  I must admit, since I went off the jump last year, I was a lot more nervous watching Amanda go off the jump. 

On Saturday, she had a long time to practice and get more comfortable on her new skis.  There were fewer kids so there was no waiting on the jumps.  You can tell by the smile on her face that she was having a great time.  I just enjoyed watching her and being outside.  This is the 10 m jump.  The big boys were over jumping off the 40 m jump.  The next step for Amanda would be the 20 m jump but I quite content to have her keeping jumping the 10 m for a long time. :)  Amanda's cousin, Tristan jumped the 20 m last year when he was 4 1/2.  He is the youngest jumper to go off the 20 m.  We watched a funny video about ski jumping that said you should start them jumping around the time they're four and not old enough to know to be afraid. So true!

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Thanksgiving morning, we woke up to a wonderful snowfall.  Lunch was at our house and my mom got all the kids out skiing.  The next day we headed over to the biathalon trails where they had been making snow and some of the trails were groomed.

And then the deep freeze hit and more days than not it's too cold for us to go outside. We bought another season pass to the ice rink and have been getting our exercise there.  I've rounded up a few more homeschooling families that have been meeting us there too.  My mom has been teaching basic skills to the kids who are interested.

We were counting down the days until Tyler would come home for Christmas and we had lots of plans for him when he got home.  First of all, a family picture so we could send out our Christmas letters.  The girls think Daddy's new pinstriped shirt looks just like the one Bert wears on Seasame Street. Lol!
Julia almost 2, Katie, Tali almost 4, Tyler 19, Amanda 6, Tony 17, Ana 4, and Mike
My boys. :)  Tony wears this chicken hat all.the.time. It's his signature piece. It's how people know him.  He was at a student government conference and in all the pictures he wearing this hat.  He designed and ordered this t-shirt of him wearing his chicken hat. Too funny!
Next on the list was ice skating with Tyler.  Amanda really loved racing him and just clung to him. She really misses Tyler when he's gone.
Tali and Ana. My mom has a collection of stuffed animals that she uses for games for the skiing and skating kids.  She comes up with games and ways to get them distracted from the work of skating and the fun of the animals.  This bunny in Tali's favorite.  Ana skates by herself most of the time now and has gotten more comfortable on the ice.
This is how Julia does skating days. Until she's had enough then she wants to be held our to go out in the lobby.
A while back, Amanda told me that she had a dream that Tyler was going fishing with a fork.  This wasn't exactly the picture in her head but we got her out fishing with Tyler and his fork. :)  Amanda's hiding her eyes because they had been sitting in the dark fish house and the snow was very bright.
Our family Christmas celebration was going to be at our house but when we found out that 12 more relatives were going to be able to come, my mom had the idea to rent out the ski chalet.  It was perfect. Since the hill was closed, the kids could go sliding and snow boarding on the hills or go over to the biathalon cross country ski trails.  There was plenty of space for everyone to gather and eat and play outside.  So perfect!  And the weather was above 10 degrees which had been my Christmas wish.  We have had so much subzero weather.

When I told Tyler to dress for sliding, he mentioned that he thought he was just a little too old for sliding. However, all the boys went out on the hill whether they were dressed for it or not.  I suppose the broken sled was proof that maybe he is just a little too big for sledding.
As I was packing up the food in the morning, Amanda asked about a cake since we were celebrating Jesus's birthday.  We brought all the stuff to do these clementine cakes with candles for all the kids but just didn't find time to round them all up for the birthday song.  So we did that after naps.  And made then decorated the cakes with grapes and toothpicks.
The next day was my cousin's little girls birthday so we had a skating party.  Here's Amanda's picture declaring how much she loves to skate.
The birthday girl is in the chair. She turned five and was having trouble with her skates but it was still another great day.

It was a very busy holiday season and now we are recovering and trying to finish up some home improvement projects.  I can't wait to get started on our bathroom.

I hope you all enjoyed your families this Christmas season!