Thursday, November 28, 2013

October and November

Fall Farm Visit

 Cousin Party while the men are hunting.

 Fun Run/Walk on the trails at Tony's college.
 Amanda ran the walking course while Ana, Tali, Julia and I waited for them back at the college.
After the race, Amanda decided to climb the rock wall outside the hall.

 Tony turned seventeen.  Nearly impossible to get a decent picture of him. He likes to make silly faces. These are his cheese quesadillas.  He makes them a lot!  School is going well for him and we expect him to graduate high school in June with only about a semester to finish his Associate in Arts.  He has found some friends he enjoys and they enjoy music together. Tony is very talented on the guitar. He taught himself by watching YouTube videos. Now if that would only translate into a paying job. ;)

Lots more going on, of course, including a bunch of kids with a Thankgiving hangover who need to get put to bed.


Party of 5 said...

Wow Katie, lots going on- I am so happy to see everyone. I missed your updates :)
Hope you're doing well.

andrea said...

Yay! new photos! Thanks for taking the time to update. ;)

I love the one of your two curly girls (Christiana and Talitha) next to each other. ;)