Saturday, October 5, 2013


 Amanda's birthday presents, Cinnamon and Cream.  They hardly noticed the disappearance of the chickens after these guys arrived.
 Amanda's birthday party and cake.  6 years old! How did that happen so fast.
 Tali and Amanda picking green beans from the raised beds.  I love the ways these worked out.  We had a lot of rodents in the other garden but hardware cloth on the bottom of these seem to protect the plants better.

 Julia helping to feed the bunnies.  We built a mobile pen so that we could move it to a clean patch of grass and then let the girls go in and play with the rabbits.

 My sister brought her dog, Zena, over to visit us one day to help Ana and Tali get used to dogs.  Amanda really enjoyed walking Zena around the yard.  Ana spent a lot of time crying and fussing but she did do some petting of the dog.  A few days later at a cross country meet she spent time petting my sister-in-law's dog who is MUCH larger than Zena.  She said, "I only like big dogs."   Here's Amanda's drawing of herself and Zena.

 Amanda and Tali made paint with their chalk and covered themselves.

As we're looking at these pictures, Ana is asking. "Where's me?"  That is a good question. I don't know why there are hardly any pictures of her. Perhaps because she's always glued to my side and not in front of the camera.  I will have to work on getting her out in front.


Davene Grace said...

Pretty bunnies! And I like those names for them! But what I REALLY like is having a hutch mobile and big enough to move around, but also to let the girls go in and play with the rabbits! Some years ago, we had rabbits, but they were only ever in a small hutch, and they just sat there! We didn't really get to interact with them, so it was quite boring. I really like the set-up you have and can imagine the delight it will bring to your girls to be able to pet them and play with them. :)

Home Instead said...

Hi Katie,
Thanks for asking about my Peyton. We are actually making a lot of headway. Her EEG came back abnormal showing epileptic discharges. She saw an epilepsy specialist last week, who is going to admit her for a few days to do a much longer study. But it looks like she is having a ton of seizures in her sleep and that is what is causing the memory loss. He also thinks she is having absence seizures during the day. So now we're waiting for the admit date...But I appreciate your concern for her.

She is doing relatively well. She is super outgoing, super friendly and social. She's so maternal and joyful and we're praising God for her everyday. Hopefully getting the seizures under control will help her a lot, b/c she is at the age where she definitely feels like something is wrong with her.

Thanks again for your concern. I hope to update my blog sometime soon, glad you're back to blogging. Your kids are all as cute as ever!!! God Bless

RETA said...

Really, really cute pictures! Sweet family!