Thursday, August 1, 2013

Garden and Chickens

What's been keeping us busy?
 Meat birds!  The biggest one will be dinner on Amanda's birthday. :) They are in a mobile pen when we're gone or at night but if we're outside playing we let them wander around. I move the pen each day. The grass amazing where their pen was located a few weeks ago.

 Gardening: Peas, Snow peas, sunflowers, pumpkin, beats, beans,
 Potatoes, beans and squash.
 Blueberries bushes, apple tree, beans, seeds for carrots, beets, maybe some more kale and beans, I can't remember off-hand.
 Black magic kale, kale, beet, carrots and more kale. I may have over compensated for our ground squirrel problem last year. I'm freezing the kale to use in our smoothies.
 Grape vines, tomatoes, brussel spouts, onion, cilantro.  And lots of weeds.
 Flubber snake. Tali made this.
 Amanda's "Flubber-fly."
 Our first carrot harvest.  The are called carnival carrots and there are multiple colors.
 Amanda is really good with the chickens.  She likes to hold the food container and let them eat.  Tali likes to feed them, too, but she does lots of crazy things to pester them too.  Ana has petted them and Julia asks to hold the container but doesn't want the chickens close to her.
 My lovely four year old. Who loves to practice the monkey bars just like Amanda.
Just a glimpse of Julia.  She finally started walking at 17.5 months. Back to laundry folding...


snekcip said...

Ahhhh so glad to see the girls are enjoying the summer! They are growing so fast. Wow! Just a few months under our belt for summer and I see that Amanda has lost a tooth, and Julia has starting walking and everything is just PEACHY in your little corner of the world! Thank you so much for the update! Love seeing pics of the girls!!

Danielle said...

I too noticed Amanda lost a tooth. Olivia has her first loose tooth too. bottom right(her right) Your vegetables and chickens are an inspiration. We still haven't moved. waiting on the appraiser so we can set our third closing date! We got our last school supplies today so we might start next week. I've sort of thrown caution to the wind so to speak on the topic we had discussed earlier. I'll let you know what happens. I think you probably know what I mean...:)