Monday, August 26, 2013

Catching up

Memorial Weekend Picnic
 Room Remodels: Paint girls room. We only painted up four feet high they could reach to help and the height that have reached when they've colored on the walls. Tali want blue. Then we pulled out the red shag carpet and replaced it with the white carpet from the living. Then painted the living room green and finished the laminate flooring. Quite a week!
We started with six monarch caterpillars. Then my mm brought us a couple of plants to feed them and we discovered five more on the plants.  We shared four with friends.

For Father's Day we picked up a cycle for Mike.  He's been talking about getting one for years for the gas savings.  This is Tony giving it a try around our yard. 
Ana's birthday cake. My camera is acting up and often ends up on the wrong settings. This is the ISO setting.
More chicken pictures. Sorry, Mom.

Two of the caterpillars died before going into cacoons.  Three of the butterflies were ready to emerge on a day that we had planned a trip to Duluth.  One emerged before we left and the other two we brought with and shared the emerging with our friends.  These are the last two the emerged two days later.  We set them out here when thought they were ready, but when we woke from naps, there were wing pieces on the ground.  Amanda said, "Oh no! His wings fell off!"  More likely a bird or the toad got them.  Aw well, the circle of life.
One Sunday before church. Amanda has decided she doesn't like wearing dresses any more. Did I mention Julia finally started walking? She waited until 17 1/2 months.

That's all for now. Julia is waking up from her nap.


Lynnette said...

Your girls are all cute, but I find Tali to be completely irresistible in that first picture!

Deborah said...

The rooms are beautiful and so are your children!! Thanks for the update. I always look forward to seeing your pictures.

snekcip said...

Well look at MY GIRLS!!!! They are growing like WEEDS!!!!! I had to laugh about Amanda's "resistance to the CUTE PINK DRESS"...because we are having a slight problem this year...because "Bre has grown a little opinionated" about her clothing choices!! I'm still trying to get her into the "cute little dresses"! I mean seriously... Who told them to "grow up"!!!

PS I had to "squinch" past the caterpillars...anything "creepy crawlee" gives me the HEEBIE JEEBIES!! Bre has been wanting a "caterpillar and watch it turn into a butterfly" but the thought of something "inching nearby" just sends me OVER THE EDGE!!! I...know...terrible Mom aren't I?!!

Chasing Joy said...

I found your blog exploring on Blogger. You have a very beautiful family. Great pictures.

I am not into bugs but I like the caterpillar project. I remember doing that in preschool.

Davene Grace said...

I loved catching up! The girls are just beautiful!!

I'm so glad Julia is walking now. I wasn't worried about her (not that that's important!) ;-) because my kids were such "late" walkers, too. But I always did feel a considerable amount of relief when they finally started walking (and my back got a break!). :)