Saturday, March 16, 2013

Enjoying Julia

Everybody has a lot of fun with Julia.  She is so smiley, sweet and snuggly.  She gets so excited when Mike gets home and when Grandma comes and wants them to hold her. She so sweet when she makes kissing noises and then leans forward to let you kiss her. Lovie little girl!

  She just learned how to climb up the stairs. It's funny that she does the stairs so well and yet she still doesn't crawl on her hands and knees.  Amanda will follow her up and then put her in front and slide down with her.  There are only six steps to get to our upstairs.  However, now the really fun of multi-level houses begins.  Every time I set Julia down she heads for the stairs.  The minute I put a gate at the bottom of the stairs, everybody needs to go potty at fifteen minute intervals. Even if I tell everyone to go potty before I put the gate up. Grrr!  

 She can also climb up on the trampolines and get herself into a sitting position.  She just learned to do this at almost 14 months.  She definitely falls on the later end of the developmental range.  She is starting enjoy practice walking and we've tried some shoes on her.  Amanda is actually really good at walking around with her.  Which is very nice because it's easier for her to do because she doesn't have to bend over.  She doesn't pull herself up on the couches or chairs, yet, but she will pull herself up on us of we're sitting on the floor.

We've done a version of baby-led weaning (which has nothing to do with stopping breastfeeding, only introducing solids.)  We never mashed or ground stuff up for her. We just started putting soft bite-sized pieces on her tray and letting her learn how to eat them.  It's worked out fine for the most part. It's messier.  Sometimes she does a tray swipe just for fun.  Sometimes she throws stuff on the floor when she's done.  It takes longer than shoveling a bowl full of mashed food into her mouth. Food choices are limited to what is soft enough for her to eat and yet firm enough for her to pick up.  And she refuses to let us feed her most of the time.  But she eats if she's hungry and nurses for the rest.  Broccoli is one of her favorites...this week.  We use her old Baby Legs and the cuffs from Amanda's holey socks to protect her sleeves when she's eating.

I'm trying to work up the nerve to put an end to the thumb-sucking habit. I should have done it when she was sick and her nose was so stuffy anyways. She couldn't really enjoy it then.  But everyone else was sick, too, and I didn't need one more thing waking us up.  Maybe next week...


e&e said...

She is a doll! Lydi so enjoyed her too. I think they will be buddies.

We also put our holey socks to good use as wrist guards under mittens when we go play in the snow. We cut the toe part off, then cut a big(ger) hole in the heel and we have wrist guards that you poke your thumb through so you keep your wrists warm and they don't fall off. Joshy's idea. :)

Great slew of photos!


Davene Grace said...

That's a wonderful idea to keep her sleeves clean! Moriah's sleeves get so messy when she's eating.

These pictures are so cute, and it's easy to see how much joy and love there is in your family! :)