Tuesday, February 5, 2013

More questions

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"How do you do shopping trips so often and with so many littles!?"

I never take my kids shopping.  Mike has been doing the grocery shopping after he helps me get the kids to bed and I'm laying down with them.  I've made two trips since this project began. Once in the evening after dinner and before bed time.  Once on a Saturday.  It had been over a month since I had set foot in any store.  I can go for months at a time without going to the store.

More questions:
"Do you always use organic?"

No, in fact this week was the first time we bought any organic. There's not a great selection and the prices are pretty high. I can't wait for the farmer's market and our garden to get going.  None of this eating information is really new to me but it makes such a huge difference knowing that Mike is on board and driving this ship.  There's a lot of garden stuff that I just can't do without his help and now he's really looking forward to doing it too.

"How do you know what adequate chewing is or isn't?"  

I don't know but I know I can't break the food down as well as my blender.  Since having dental work done a month ago, my teeth have been really sensitive so I have been avoiding many raw foods.  Plus it is so time consuming.  There is always some one who needs a question answered, be directed some where or told to do or stop doing something. I was constantly gulping things down so my mouth was clear to talk.

"Are all the veggies raw? How do you add hard veggies and blend raw? Cut up? Shredded?"

All the veggies are raw. I've know for some time the importance and value of raw food.  "You are a living being you need living foods." But some veggies I just don't like raw including spinach and kale. I still don't like broccoli raw.  I'm so happy because I know I'm getting all these veggies raw now.  I do chop up the hard veggies and fruits because I don't want to burn out my blender and it prevents them from getting stuck above the blades.  I cut some for the smoothies and save some in the fridge for the girls or to steam for Julia.  It really never feels like more work because once everything is all set up for cutting veggies, I can prepare all the ones I need.  This has led to more raw veggies in the fridge to pack for the girls snacks on the go too.  I had gotten really lax and would just grab crackers.

"Do you ever use white potatoes? Are Katie fries a thing of the past?"

We still do oven fries but the are usually sweet potatoes these days.  I also use the Yukon gold potatoes.  The girls don't really like potatoes so they are a treat for Mike and me which is why I buy the Yukons over russets.  Although Mike just watched another documentary about the Engine2 diet which decries the value of oils.  Sorry, Honey, this is where I get off the train.  Loooove my EVOO and coconut oil. ;)

Maybe he just means cutting back on oil if  you're trying to lose weight.  So the girls and I can still indulge.

I usually prepare the meats at a separate time than the smoothies so I don't have to work about contaminating the raw foods.  I still cook rice, wild and brown, and noodles for the girls. I will also occasionally cook frozen veggies like peas and beans.  But I'd rather have a smoothie.

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