Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Talitha Marie!

 While we were getting ready for Julia's birthday, Tali was going on and on about for her birthday she wanted frosting and sprinkles just like the cake she had helped my mom make for Tony's birthday. I briefly pondered just letting my mom handle the cake but since Sundays are so busy with church, skiing and skating, I had to come up with something myself.

We had heart shaped sugar cookies. (Ground oats, coconut, and turbinado sugar mixed with coconut oil and vanilla coconut milk.) The frosting was honey and coconut oil. Topped with blueberry halves and sprinkled with more turbinado sugar. And more blueberries on the side and middle. The candle is stuck into one blueberry at the bottom.

Tali was very happy with the frosting. :)  That seemed to be the most important part of her birthday celebration. She's pretty excited to finally be three.


Juanita83 said...

Looks like she was really excited about her cake. 3 is such a fun age!!

Davene Grace said...

How exciting! Three is BIG!! :) What a great idea for the are so wonderfully creative! :)

Tina said...

Happy birthday!

The cake looks delish!

snekcip said...

Happy BELATED birthday Beautiful Tali!!!

PS Kate, Tali's BLUE dress...and those BLUE berries just make those BLUE EYES even more BEAUTIFUL