Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Emptying the Camera Card.

 I found these pictures on my camera card from Tyler's graduation.  I had never seen them. I labeled Tyler in the first two but left it up to you to guess on the last one. ;)

And this funny series of pictures with Mike.  The look on his face in the last one is priceless.

Amanda is crafty and will make something out of anything. In this case, she made a costume out of packing materials.
 Trying to get a cute photo when the girls are all dressed up for church. Not very successful.
 This one is cute.

These were all from the last week of September.  


snekcip said...

First off HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your beautiful family!

Also,Congratulations to Tyler!! Where is Tyler gonna be stationed? My daughter also graduated from The TX STATE TROOPER academy on 12/19 and I also need to print some of the pics off my memory card! She is all packed to move this weekend. She starts her new job on Jan 14.

The girls are growing like weeds!! I had to laugh at Amanda's ingenuity. That girl may be a designer one day!

Davene Grace said...

You're right...that last picture is VERY cute!! :)