Friday, December 14, 2012

Satiny Surprise

Last winter, I bought Amanda and Ana satin-lined hats from Curly Zebra.  They are the only hats I allow my curly girls to wear to protect their hair from friction and breakage.  Even though the girls have satin and silk pillow cases, they have discovered their hair stays nicer in bed if they also wear their hats.  Tali wanted to copy Amanda and Ana so she was wearing her fleece hat to bed and waking up with horribly matted curls.

So I order her a hat too.  Unfortunately, I ordered wrong because I couldn't remember what size hat we had ordered last year.  But when Tali saw it, she was so in love and squeezed her big head into the tiny cap and wore it non-stop for several days. It didn't work well at night because it kept popping off and I was woken several times to help her find her hat.

When I got notice about another free shipping event from Curly Zebra, I ordered another hat for Tali and communicated with the owner to help me get the right size.  I know from last year she would have been willing to take the small one back and make me a new one, but I have a friend who adopted a little girl a couple of months ago so I knew she would use it. That's why I just let Tali wear it and spared myself the drama of separating her from her new hat. ;)

I was pretty excited when the package arrived but was a little concerned when I opened it and saw colors that I hadn't ordered.  At first, I was worried that we got the wrong order. Then I found Tali's hat and thought, "Oh no, she shipped me somebody else's hats too!"  And then I read the note.  The hat's that Tali and Ana are wearing are "seconds" or hats with imperfections that she gave to me as a "Thank you!"  What a treat!  The girls love them and have been wearing them constantly.  Thankfully, we had a third pill box hat for Amanda.  I had ordered one with Amanda and Ana's hats last year.

We prefer the chullo hats with tassels that can be tied under their chins for playing outside but these hats will be super cute for church when we are just in and out of the car. And isn't that just the cutest picture of my three adorable little girls?!  They are just too cute.  Especially when they are loving each other so nicely instead of fighting. :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Testing and 10 months

My cousin said there were other bloggers getting the message about reaching the photo capacity so it might just be a bug or something. It let me upload this one.  We'll call it Julia's ten month photo even though she's nearly 11 months.  Ooops!

Somebody asked me if she was taking steps yet. Ha! No she can't even get her fat belly off the ground.  She is doing some army crawling but really finds rolling to be much more efficient.

Julia chatters and screeches.  She seems to mimic sounds for daddy, mama, sisters and that, as in "What's that?"  She hears that often while reading.

Julia eats avocados, peaches, pears, bananas, squash, broccoli, green beans, red beans, peas, carrots, yams, applesauce and potatoes. She will feed herself many different things but will only let me feed her things mixed with applesauce, heavy on the applesauce.  She still gets most of her nutrition through nursing and she will drink my milk from a sippy cup.

She has about six teeth now.  She sleeps pretty well when she's not fighting a cold like all of us right now.  She tends to wake up once the little girls are asleep and play with Mike and I for a bit.  Sometimes she has been too busy to get a good nursing during the day and seems to be trying to make up for it.

I sure love my little bug and the baby, squishy snuggliness never gets old. :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dance Class

Here are some videos from Amanda and Tali's dance class.  Amanda has been in the class since September and Tali just joined. It fun and very laid-back and taught by a homeschooling mom during the day so it's mostly homeschooling families.
Blogger informed me that I've used up all my picture storage so I have to make a decision about what to do about that.