Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yarn Twists

We tried yarn braids this summer and it was a bit of a failure. I made them too long so they bothered her and it was taking too long. Plus they looked wonky and were hot. I recently heard about yarn twists and tried those instead.  I only made them a little longer than her hair and only used one strand of yarn instead of the two I used this summer. I used them to add some thickness to her twists on not really length.  They've been great!  They went in faster than the normal mini twists because I could use larger sections of hair and they have stayed in much better.

I took a small section of hair, folded the piece of yarn in half and put the section of hair in the fold. Then I braided it a little to secure the base and then twisted the hair with one strand of the yarn and then rope twisted both sides to the end.  I tied a knot and then singed the ends of the yarn to keep them from unraveling. It was better if I could press the base and pull it tight to twist it without pulling against the base.  I sprayed them with an oil, conditioner and water mixture and her hair was wet with conditioner.
I spray them with the oil, water, conditioner mixture every day or so and have put some coconut or shea butter in to seal in the water.  I have washed them just like regular hair about once a week. They lay very nicely and she really likes them.  She definitely had a little extra spunk in the first few days because she thought they were so fun and exciting.  I'm dying to take them out to see how her hair looks or how easily they are removed but they are staying looking so nice, I'm just going to wait to see whole long they will last.


snekcip said...

I've always wondered how that was done! Good job Mom!! I can't believe how much she has grown!!

Misty said...

LOVE her smile. It warms my heart.

Home Instead said...

Wow! You do a fantastic job. Thanks for posting. I might try to do yearn twists one day.