Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reading to God

This fall, I decided to follow the suggestion on Little Green House of Learning to help the girls memorize a hymn and then add it to our family hymn book.  We started with My Father's World and memorized the first two verses with sign language.  We actually did a lot of school type stuff, writing words, drawing pictures about the song.  Some how we got off track but the song was memorized.  The next song I picked was You Are Mine by David Haas.  I heard it one Saturday at Mass with my family.  I actually barely heard the song because I was dealing with an tantrum or something but the last line caught my ear, "I love you and you are mine."

That's such a great message and I want my girls to know that.  So, I found the song on You Tube and wrote the lyrics to post in the kitchen.  We listen to the video often too.  The other day Amanda stood up and sang the entire song while reading it off the paper.  It's kind of long so we haven't gotten it memorized yet.  I was so impressed and told her that now she could read songs right out of the hymnal. And she replied, "And the Bible. I could read the Bible.  Mother, may I read the Bible?" (She really talks like that.  We've read a lot of Dick and Jane readers.)

So I found her a Bible that she could read.  I found her a Psalm to read first.  It was Psalm 113.  Then I took her to Job to read about the animals that God questions Job about.  Then we read about Mary Magdalene at the tomb.  By this time, the middle girls had finished their breakfasts and wanted Bibles too.  So for the last several days, the girls have been lugging their Bibles all over the house.  Amanda is very proud of herself and is constantly saying, "Now I can read to God!" I'm so proud of her! It's so wonderful to see her faith grow.


Lynnette said...

How neat! Yay, Amanda!

snekcip said...

Katie can you please let me know where you found the bibles that Amanda can read. Brejanae LOVES trying to read the bible during church. She gets rather loud sometimes but she gets SOOOOO excited when she recognizes her "sight words". I love that they are LEARNING TO READ!! Bre loves pointing out words that she knows as well as sounding them out!!

Thank you for sharing all your great stories about your family. I enjoy them to the utmost.