Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Outdoor Fun

Picnic in the pine needles.  I've been motivating the girls to play nicely without getting into fights or asking me to do stuff (Put on roller blades, push them on the swings, help them on their bikes, etc.) by promising them vitamin treats.  Between the chewable multi-vitamin, chewable calcium, chewable DHA, and chewable probiotic they had a significant handful of candy they would be getting every day. So, I've been using it to my advantage.  I got this pile of needle raked, hauled it to the back of the garage and then decided it was a nice spot for a picnic.  Yes, there was some sticky sap. No, I don't care.

For Tyler's grad party, Mike wanted to mow the word "Navy" into the grass. We just didn't have time to get it done.  So here's our tribute to our Navy boy on Veteran's Day. :)

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Kristi said...

everyone is getting so so big!!