Monday, November 19, 2012

More Pictures from Skating

I really love ice skating. Can you tell?  I wasn't sure how things would go with all the little girls but I knew some how we would get out skating.  The first day we went was during MEA weekend. There were a lot of other kids at the rink and we only had one pair of skates for Ana and Tali. I took Ana out first while Tali stayed with a babysitter.  Ana cried the whole time she was on the ice.  So after a while we traded skates and kids.  I sat out with Julia and Ana while the babysitter took Tali and Amanda skating.  Mike's brother was out on the ice too.

I was pretty discouraged with Ana's behavior but Mike's brother sent us home with some double-bladed skates to try.  The next time there was nobody there but us and Ana was much happier. This time my mom and sister-in-law came.  And now we've been going every week. Sometimes twice a week.  We bought a season pass for me, my mom and four kids.  It was $90 for all of use to skate as much as we want until March. Nice!
 Do you see Julia in her blue snowsuit at the edge of the rink?  Usually my sister-in-law can come to watch her.  She isn't as content to just sit in the stroller and watch like Tali was.  But she's happy sitting on Auntie's lap.  After a while Ana and Tali also go out and sit with Auntie.  She taught them pat-a-cake last week.  Yeah.  I forgot to teach them that. ;)
 Amanda was really practicing her dancing arms and looking pretty. She started skating lessons four weeks ago.  She just got moved up to Basic 2.  I was a little bummed about the change because it changed her lesson times and now she can't skate with her friend.  But she can certainly keep up with the other girls.  Her skating skills are improving all the time.  Her social skills? Not so much.  After she got off the ice on Sunday, she said, "Molly pushed me!"  Ha! I was watching the interaction between her and the other little girl.  I could imagine what Amanda was saying.  I saw Amanda go to push the other girl and she fell down instead.  She was really mean and competitive last week with her cousin too.  She concluded with, "I don't like boys because they don't do what I tell them to."  We had a little talk and she was much nicer to him today. Actually we've had a few talks, but who's counting.

I actually didn't expect either of the middle girls to learn to skate this year.  But mom just kept working with them.  Ana loved the double-bladed skates but we were able to get her on single-blades by decorating everyone's skates with colored ribbons.  She still wants a lot of help but she will do more and more by herself.
Tali figured out it was great fun to lay on the seat of a chair and push it backwards.  That kept her entertained for a long time on several trips.  Now she's mastered walking with the trainer too.

 Tristen's been skating since he was two and half. He used to come with my mom when we would meet for skating when Amanda was three and a half and the babies would ride in the double stroller. He can skate without the chair but he was giving his elephant a ride. :)

I love going to the rink because it feels like rigorous outdoor exercise without weather being and issue. I always know what temp it will be in the rink and so I know how to dress the girls.  Of course, it did seem a little silly to be skating today when it was over 50 degrees outside. :)

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Davene Grace said...

What a great deal you got on that season pass!

I love the trainer...I could totally use something like that. That is, if I ever decide to step foot on a rink again. The last time I did, I thought my ankles might just snap right off. ;-)