Thursday, November 1, 2012

Julia at Nine Months

At nine months Julia:

  • has four teeth.
  • weighs about 25 lbs.
  • mostly uses rolling as her mode of locomotion.
  • has tried avocados, pears, bananas, apple sauce, sweet potatoes, squash, green beans and peas.
  • is not very content to sit in her stroller any longer.
  • is still pretty friendly with new faces but has started to fuss for the babysitter.
  • likes to drink from a sippy cup and will roll in the kitchen to find one if she spots one lying on the ground.
  • is pretty serious about her thumb and sucks it often. She's not happy about mittens.
  • sleeps through the night most of the time.
  • takes about three naps a day usually not at the same time at the middle girls.
  • is generally a happy baby and people tell us that often.
  • is not going to fit into this birthday dress when she is one. I could barely button it today.
  • has very dry itchy skin. :(
  • nurses when she's hungry and I have time to nurse her.
  • is really just plain delightful even at 11 pm.


snekcip said...

OMG that is one gorgeous baby girl!! Happy 9mos Julia!!

Juanita83 said...

she is so beautiful! 9 Months already time sure fly's. She looks very happy!

Davene Grace said...

She's beautiful! I'm so glad she's a happy baby for you. :)