Friday, September 21, 2012

Graduation Day!

Tyler graduated from boot camp this morning! Yay! We are so proud of him.  We got to talk to him earlier this week after he officially passed or was qualified or confirmed or what ever terminology is correct.  It means he's done with boot camp and begins his schooling.  Mike, Tony and two of Tyler's friends traveled to be at the graduation.  I'm at home with four sick little girls. I'm so bummed that I'm not there and that girls don't get to see Tyler but it's a nine hour trip which is crazy without sick kiddos.  So, I'm here at home waiting anxiously for pictures, texts and phone calls. I feel like I'm waiting for a baby to be born.

They got to see Tyler briefly after the ceremony but then he went straight to processing.  He'll have time off after that's done and then he'll have time off on Saturday and Sunday too.  He has to go back to the base at bedtime.

Who do you suppose has the tougher job? I'm at home with four little ones but he's in Chicago with four teenagers. I hope they have a great weekend and I can't wait to see pictures!


snekcip said...

You have the TOUGHEST "assignment" by far!! Hope your sweet crew is feeling better and HUGE SHOUTOUT TO TYLER!! Congratulations YOUNG MAN!! You are well on your way to a rewarding military career!!

Well Katie, we area approximately 3months away from graduation from State Trooper Academy for my daughter, Taylor. She began the academy on Jun 27. Its been a TOUGH and CHALLENGING experience but she is still holding firm to her commitment. She is attending the academy w/several former military men and women and they said "this is by far the tougher than BOOT CAMP"! They started with 94 and are down to 80 cadets. Yeah...its that TOUGH!Both Mental and Physical. I know Tyler will have some stories for you as well.

snekcip said...

PS Post pictures when you can!!!
Have a GREAT WEEKEND Katie!!!

e&e said...

Looking forward to pictures and more stories as well.

And you ARE waiting for a baby to be born, remember? Mine!


Danielle said...

I would prefer to be home, but I would be very torn about missing such a milestone with my firstborn. I'm sure you feel it. Not trying to make you feel bad, sorry.