Friday, September 28, 2012

Climbing the Ski Jump

Today I decided to skip naps to make the most of the warm fall day.  Climbing to the top of the ski jump is a favorite fall activity.  Here are the stairs to get to the base of the jump.  The stairs were new when my boys were two and four.  There are quite a few in need of repair now.
This is the first set of stairs at the base of the jump.  I don't think my boys ever made it past the top of these stairs at this age.  The curse of being the first grand kids, I guess.  It must seem easier when a group of older kids are going up first.

 This was all I looked at on the way up.
 Phew! At the top, this is Amanda's third or fourth time at the top.  I was wearing Julia and the middle girls climbed all the way up.  I think my mom carried one or the other for a little while.
 The view is always worth it.

 Ugh! Going down is the hardest part.
From my mom's camera:
 "Almost down, Mama!"
 Sillies on the chair lift at the top of the ski hill.
 The baby sitters.  After hauling Julia up and down the jump, I was thrilled when her godmother offered to wear her down the hill.  The other lady is wearing her friend's baby too.  They took the service road that wasn't so steep. For some reason, Ana want to go straight down the hill.
The tail gate party at the bottom of the hill.
 Yeah. We just did that!

I came home and put the girls right to bed. They were all sleeping quietly by 6:30 pm. Usually, it's a two hour process to get them all to settle down and go to sleep.  We'll see how they do tonight.  Perhaps they are ready to all give up naps. Amanda doesn't sleep on most days and the girls usually fall asleep quickly at nap time but it would be nicer to have them go to sleep quickly at bed time and sleep through the night.  Of course, Julia will still have her naps.

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snekcip said...

Bre has phased out the nap stage, especially since they DON'T TAKE NAPS IN KINDERGARTEN. Its PURE BLISS because most nights right after homework, dinner, bath she barely makes it thru a bedtime story and is asleep by 8:30 at the latest.