Sunday, August 26, 2012

On Friday, Tali asked to ride the little two-wheeled bike with training wheels that was hanging up in the garage. We were so happy because she was soooooo slow on her trike.  It's nice to have so much tar in the new neighborhood. Just a ways down the street there's a nice loop. Bigger than a cul de sac but hardly any traffic.  We go around and around the loop.  One day, a neighbor girl stopped by offering her baby sitting skills.  I asked her to come in and start right away. Ha, ha! I've found it works best to split the girls up. She can take one or two to the park or stay home with Julia and Amanda while I take the little girls for a ride, etc.  She has taken Amanda down to ride around the loop too.
 Mike's aunt gave the girls a set of Winnie the Pooh pop-up books and one of the books had the story of a game called Pooh Sticks. It started out with Pooh and Piglet dropping pine cones off the bridge on one side and then running to the other to see which one came out first. They eventually switched to using sticks, hence the name, Pooh Sticks. This afternoon we headed out in search of a bridge where we could safely play Pooh Sticks with pine cones since we have so many in our yard.  Of course, collecting a bucketful of pine cones was part of the fun.  Anyways, we ended up at the culvert on the little road we lived on when Tony and Tyler were little.  I'll have to find the picture of Tony and Tyler at the creek shortly before we moved away.
The girls were so silly. They had more fun tossing the pine cones in and then running over to the other side and down the embankment and then back up again. They wouldn't even wait to see the pine cones come through the culvert. It's a miracle nobody ended up in the water.

I had my camera with but it ran out of batteries so these pictures are from Mike's phone.  It's actually much easier to get photos off his phone than off my camera so I might have him take pictures more often. I should really go catch a couple hours of sleep while I can.  That's all I ever get these days.  It seems to be enough because I'm still keeping everybody alive and well fed. ;)

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