Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hair Update

Our two favorite protective styles for the girls. Mini twists for Anai using conditioner or shea-aloe. These last for about two weeks. I add conditioner most days and wash once a week. It takes about two hours to do. I don't do them all at once. We have to turn on a video so all the girls are sitting quietly. If the other girls aren't sitting quietly Ana is trying to see what they are doing. 

Spiral banding for Amanda. She doesn't like any of her hair to be loose, flopping or touching her neck. This style is nice and tight to her head and fits under her bike helmet. I start with a section of hair at the crown of her head and band sections in a spiral towards the outside. I use lots of conditioner to detangle as I go. This style can last a week or maybe a little more.  It is a little tricky to wash though so I usually redo it once a week. I think it takes around an hour and she can read or draw or do other things.  I can even read to her over her shoulder sometimes.

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Lynnette said...

I love Amanda's hairdo! I'm trying to decide if I could figure it out for Kendra's hair. She's decided to grow hers out again, and I'm hoping she still requests to have me do fun stuff with it. Although, the "I want it to look like rain falling down" day still haunts me. I much preferred the "I want it to look like five pumpkins" days!