Saturday, August 18, 2012

Frog, Five and the Fair

 Yes, that's a frog on my kitchen wall. No, it did not get there by itself. Apparently boys never outgrow bringing pets into the house.
 The girls had so much fun getting ready for Tyler's party by blowing up balloons and coloring signs. I thought they would enjoy doing those things for Amanda's birthday just for fun.  She was pretty disappointed to learn that "all those people" weren't going to be coming to her party too. Now that I have a five year old, I'm feeling that "school" pressure.  Like I should be organized and disciplined. The things people assume I am just because I have the desire to homeschool my children. Ha! She is reading and even wrote a sentence by herself. "Amanda Mare can rid with no tran wels."  (Amanda Marie can ride with no training wheels.)
We spent three mornings and one evening enjoying the fair. It's been intensive animal therapy for Ana.  I'm happy to report she no longer screams in terror at the sight of any animal. She even petted a few animals briefly. The first day we were there, I was working at a prolife booth so my mom took the girls two at a time through the barns and buildings. 
 These baby pigs were so cute. Only a few days old.
 Ana stuck pretty close to me when I was with her.

 We got Mike to come with us one night.
 The kids watched as baby chicks broke through their shells and then were moved to the bigger pen.

 Julia was such a good girl in the stroller or wrap. Such a happy baby!

 We found this little guy on our hunt for a cow for Amanda to milk. He is so funny!  We never did find a cow for her to milk but she got to try milking a goat.  She wasn't really satisfied with squeezing out a little bit of milk. I think she really wanted to fill up a bucket and bring some milk home.
We watched our friend show her horse, Gabby, in Lead Line. We were going to try that with my sister's horse but my sister broke her leg at the beginning of the summer and wasn't up for showing this year.
 Amanda got to ride Gabby for a bit after the class.
I haven't been to this fair in years. We lived at the fair as kids. We showed horses, were in 4-H, helped with the food booths and dunk tank and my mom always set up the pro-life booth.  Being there brought back so many good memories.  I'm starting to feel like it's really good to be back home.


Mary said...

I don't know about that frog,lol. My son's house has had several little tree frogs move themselves in with no help!One met my DIL in the =shower one morning, Then the next day one was hopping across the kitchen floor! So give those boys the benefit of doubt on this one.

e&e said...

EXCEPT you were missing your favorite cousin, right??

miss you lots,

snekcip said...

Okay first that FROG would have truly put my daughter in the hospital!! She is deathly afraid of FROGS!!! LOL!!! Yep...this is the one at the State Trooper Academy! The one is being taught to apprehend criminals. One who will take the oath to PROTECT and SERVE! The one who will forget about ALL the formalities of being a trooper should a frog cross her path!! LOL!!!!

Now on to the fair....I sooo miss fairs like this growing up. Our local fair has gotten to HI-TECH, with it moving to a fancier place w/cement to walk on. Gone are the grassy walks with a "little cement" here and there. Gone are the wonderful exhibits in the barn area, they are now house in air-conditioned buildings! Some things are best LEFT ALONE I believe! Your girls looks like they are having a blast! I couldnt help but notice Amanda's cute pink boots! We just bought fancy pink boots as well!!! I can't wait to get them!!! The girls look as if they had a lot of fun!!

Danielle said...

I hope you don't stop blogging. I really like to see how you do things with so many young ones,it's good to know I'm not alone. :) It reminds me how special these times really are. Have you always done healthy cakes? I was wondering how you would top the last one, but this one is really neat. I'm glad Ana can enjoy the animals now. Just think, some day it might be hard to remember that she was afraid of them....well...maybe not. I would love it if my kids could see chicks hatch-how cool! I really like that pic of Tyler with the girls.

Danielle said...

Amanda is 10 months older than Olivia.