Monday, July 23, 2012

The First Born

Tomorrow morning, this handsome guy will be sworn into the Navy. I am very proud of him and am breathing a huge sigh of relief that we have made it this far. We had a great party on Sunday and the question of the day to Tyler was, "So when do you leave?"  I don't think they were expecting to the hear his answer, "Tomorrow."

We were thankful for the very special friends and family who came, helped and traveled to let Tyler know they cared about him and will be thinking of him.

Tyler and Mike left this afternoon to be ready for the ceremony in the morning. The girls and I are recovering and cleaning up. I didn't get many pictures from the party because I was so busy but my aunt took some so I'll get them from her.

It actually feels good to send this one off into the world.  He has fought us for so long to make his own decisions. It's nice to finally be able to let him go.


snekcip said...

Greatest luck to your Tyler. He is gonna do well. My nephew entered the service w/the same scenario of "not knowing what he wanted to do", well once basic training was over, the young man that emerged still astounds us!! Just wait and see when Tyler completes basici training!! Speaking of "basic training", my YOUNGEST BORN daughter (bio-speaking-of course Bre is the youngest) left for the State Trooper Academy Sunday afternoon. It as well as the same sort of "basic training" . It was truly a BITTERSWEET good-bye. From the moment she was born up to know, that child has always been headstrong and my go-getter. We as parents look forward to our kids "getting out into the world" and "being able to let them go". During the tough times of raising them you find yourself WANTING THAT TIME TO ARRIVE SOON. LOL!! When she left for college, my emotions wasnt as bad as it was Sunday. I guess because I knew "this is it are in the REAL WORLD" add to the fact she is the youngest (bio-wise). It didnt hit me until Sunday night when I went into her room. All her clothing, shoes and personal things are still in place, so it was "kinda odd". I couldnt wait until she called me yesterday, after this week, the contact will be minimal, so I'm savoring EVERY PHONE CALL.

Bre inherited her room and was ECSTATIC!! We had been preparing her to finally have her OWN ROOM! When she saw ALL Taylor's things were still there, she asked with UTTER AMAZEMENT "Momma!! Do I get ALL Taylor makeup and shoes too?!!" When I told her "no...only the room" she looked at all the things again and asked "not even eye makeup?"!! TOTALLY HILARIOUS!!!! She is smitten w/Taylor's things to say the least. When Taylor called last night, she even asked her (as if she didn't believe what I told her). My baby will be gone for 5 1/2 months of rigourous training. Becoming a State Trooper is gonna push me over the edge w/worry, but I'm happy that this is what she wanted and a continued stepping stone to her dream to becoming a Federal Marshall.

Davene Grace said...

That's a great picture of him!!

Isn't it wonderful to know that God goes with him, wherever he goes?

His Hands His Feet Today said...

That's awesome! Congrats! :)