Sunday, July 1, 2012

Swamp Kitty

I must admit that when Amanda yelled, "Mom! There's a skunk on our deck!" the last thing I expected to see was a skunk.
We watched it sun itself for a short while and then crawl back UNDER our deck.  Hmmm. It was definitely better when we could see where it was.  We haven't seen or smelled it since but we know it's still near by because it dug up some of the compost from the garden. We plan to get a skunk trap to relocate it.


e&e said...

If your mom doesn't have one, ask mine. They had to trap a skunk under the cabin a few years ago. It sprayed right under the orange cabin...where Eric and I were staying that week. We had to relocate ourselves!


p.s. I would still pick skunk over snake. I'll trade bring the skunk and I'll give you the huge, thick snake I have baking in a black bucket on the front walk.

Joy said...

That might be my favorite opening sentence ever. Good luck!

elsies7gifts said...

I have heard that moth balls or (gross) coyote urine will ward them off. hope when you trap it no one gets sprayed