Saturday, July 7, 2012

Celebrating a Little Early

Really early. Like 6 am early.  We would have invited people over but I'm not sure the "cake" would have survived.  When I came home from shopping last night with all the fruits and veggies, Ana began asking about her birthday cake. And it was the first thing she asked about when she saw the pineapple this morning. So Amanda and I made her fruit creation, we put on the party dresses, did hair, took pictures and sang "Happy Birthday," took off the dresses to eat the creation, then put the dresses back on to twirl for a bit. We'll be heading to Mass with my family tonight and then we'll be in a parade tomorrow with them.

Happy Third Birthday, Ana Marie!  

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Davene Grace said...


Shav is turning three in 11 more days. I forgot they were so close in age.