Sunday, June 17, 2012

Same Truck New Neighborhood

 My heart skipped a little beat when I saw this Jeep pull into our driveway this evening. 

 I knew Tyler was coming but his vehicle looked so out of place pulling into our driveway.  Tyler has been living with one of his friends since we moved.  He has two jobs there and wanted to spend time with friends before he left for the Navy.  This week Tony was also staying with a friend and so Tyler came tonight to bring him home.  It's been really weird this week with them both gone.  The house was so quiet. ;)
Certainly the girls fill my days so I'm not pining away for my first born but I do miss him and think of him often.  It was nice to see him.  I think the next time he comes will be the week before he ships out. That's about a month away. Wow!  I can hardly believe it!

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snekcip said...

Goodbyes are never ease! This post hit home with me in so many ways. All my kids (the 22yr old moves to Austin this summer o join DPS academy) have moved to the Dallas area and although my oldest daughter is the one that comes home the most. The boys jobs and families keep them mostly Dallas bound. However, I see them quite often when we travel there . When they do come home it is so WONDERFUL to have ALL my kids HOME under one roof!! Enjoy the fleeting moments, because their are so few and far in between when they grow up and move out.