Friday, June 15, 2012

Our New Park

I can see this park right out my kitchen window. Our backyard ends at the left center field fence.  It's about a block to walk to the playground and we can watch the baseball games from our back deck.

 Amanda has been working on the monkey bars.
 The little girls love these swings.
 There are always a lot of kids at the park on baseball nights. This was a friend we met. She's about a year older than Amanda.
 They all like to swing on the big swings too.  Amanda was giving Christiana pushes.  Tali likes to try to push people too but she's not so quick about getting out of the way on the back swing.
 We were thankful for the cooler weather. Ana is very allergic to bug bits and gets huge swollen pussy bites.  The cooler weather means more of her is covered and the bugs are less active.  Even with a park so close we are going to need swings in the yard because we can't go when Julia's sleeping and Christiana loves to swing.
I was carrying Julia in the wrap on front.  We usually get ready to go outside.  I wake Julia up and nurse her on the couch in the garage while the girls ride their bikes in the driveway.  Then I wrap her up and we head to the park.   Both Ana and Tali can pedal bikes now. Ana is much faster than Tali and Tali does better pedaling the trike. I guess I'll have to post pictures of that soon too.


Davene Grace said...

What a blessing to have a park so close!! But you're right...having swings in the backyard is even better. :)

These pictures are beautiful; I love the girls' big smiles! :)

Juanita83 said...

We have a park near by not as close as this but its nice to go to. The kids love interacting with all the other children. I'm so glad you are all adjusting to your new surroundings.

jodilee0123 said...

Nice Park! and I can tell it's way up north, as no parks around here have merry-go-rounds! haha! Hope you are all settling in well!

Mike and Katie said...

Why? Are merry go rounds unsafe? Tali got a pretty good shiner from it the first day we were here. I think she avoids it now.

Nena said...

So where is this park? It seems the only parks I find in GR are at the elementary schools or at the Federal Dam. This one looks nice.
Glad your crew is settled in--amazing how fast kids adapt to new surroundings. Wishing we were moving to GR :(
Glad you will be there with more family and help with your crew :)