Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Garden 2012

On Monday, a friend came and tilled up my garden spot. I'm just focusing on preparing the soil so I just planted  a bunch of peas and beans to improve the soil quality and cover the ground to kill the weeds. After I  watered the peas, I covered them with cardboard to keep them cool since it's really a little late to start them. Then Mike told me about the rain that was coming. I covered a few more rows and the rest of the garden with more cardboard.  We have lots of it around here. I didn't want the half that I hadn't planted to get pack down and the cardboard will hopefully kill the grass so it's ready when I move my squash plants out there.  We planted the left-over seeds of kale, spinach and carrots and seeds I saved from my harvested squash from last year in the small planter by the house.  Five squash plants and the spinach and kale came up and they look great! Anyways...

Tuesday morning it started raining, and raining, and raining...  We watched anxiously as this puddle grew just feet from our house. We had some water trickling in but it was in a storage room with mostly just plastic storage tubs.

This morning, Wednesday, the rain finally stopped and we went out to check on the garden. Only a few beans and peas had been uncovered and I just pushed them down into the soil. I covered the remaining rows with heavy packing paper in order to slow the weed growth and help the seeds germinate.  Once we see plants coming up, I plan to fold the paper and cardboard into the aisles. This puddle was where the little girls ended up after I chased them out of the garden.

 It was very warm out they were just all covered up to protect them from the mosquitoes. What a week and it's only Wednesday!


Misty said...


Your house and yard look a lot like mine......FLOODED!!!! My daycare kiddos love it...because they get to wear rainboots.

Happy Gardening!

snekcip said...

Gardening= produce Earthworms!! Yuck!! However, gardening also produce veggies and fruit!! YUMMY!! Good job Katie!! Love how you are recycling the cardboard!