Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Horsing Around

For several reasons, we haven't been able to take advantages of all the amazing activities that are available to us here in the new town. The biggest reason being the fact that we have four small children. ;)

We did make it over to watch a competition that my nephew was riding in and between events Amanda got to sit on his horse. She was pretty nervous but this was her first time being on the same side of the fence as a horse. My sister broke her ankle a few weeks ago so our horsey plans look a little different for the summer but I'm sure Amanda will have plenty more chances to ride.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Five Months

 At six months, Julia...
Smiles big at anyone who makes eye contact with her.
Rolls over from her tummy to her back.
Grabs for toys and puts them in her mouth.
Is quite mobile when lying undiapered on the floor.
Goes to sleep easily sucking her thumb and sleeps through the night.
Naps well during the day.  Three naps, I think.
Spits up less than Tali did but spits up more if I eat broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus or chocolate.
Is not bothered by the heat like Tali or the cold like Ana. She's usually "just right" like Amanda.
Has very dry skin and has been having trouble with diaper rash in cloth diapers.
Julia is happy, cheerful, content, little baby. She makes us smile especially when we catch funny faces like this one:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Garden 2012

On Monday, a friend came and tilled up my garden spot. I'm just focusing on preparing the soil so I just planted  a bunch of peas and beans to improve the soil quality and cover the ground to kill the weeds. After I  watered the peas, I covered them with cardboard to keep them cool since it's really a little late to start them. Then Mike told me about the rain that was coming. I covered a few more rows and the rest of the garden with more cardboard.  We have lots of it around here. I didn't want the half that I hadn't planted to get pack down and the cardboard will hopefully kill the grass so it's ready when I move my squash plants out there.  We planted the left-over seeds of kale, spinach and carrots and seeds I saved from my harvested squash from last year in the small planter by the house.  Five squash plants and the spinach and kale came up and they look great! Anyways...

Tuesday morning it started raining, and raining, and raining...  We watched anxiously as this puddle grew just feet from our house. We had some water trickling in but it was in a storage room with mostly just plastic storage tubs.

This morning, Wednesday, the rain finally stopped and we went out to check on the garden. Only a few beans and peas had been uncovered and I just pushed them down into the soil. I covered the remaining rows with heavy packing paper in order to slow the weed growth and help the seeds germinate.  Once we see plants coming up, I plan to fold the paper and cardboard into the aisles. This puddle was where the little girls ended up after I chased them out of the garden.

 It was very warm out they were just all covered up to protect them from the mosquitoes. What a week and it's only Wednesday!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Same Truck New Neighborhood

 My heart skipped a little beat when I saw this Jeep pull into our driveway this evening. 

 I knew Tyler was coming but his vehicle looked so out of place pulling into our driveway.  Tyler has been living with one of his friends since we moved.  He has two jobs there and wanted to spend time with friends before he left for the Navy.  This week Tony was also staying with a friend and so Tyler came tonight to bring him home.  It's been really weird this week with them both gone.  The house was so quiet. ;)
Certainly the girls fill my days so I'm not pining away for my first born but I do miss him and think of him often.  It was nice to see him.  I think the next time he comes will be the week before he ships out. That's about a month away. Wow!  I can hardly believe it!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Our New Park

I can see this park right out my kitchen window. Our backyard ends at the left center field fence.  It's about a block to walk to the playground and we can watch the baseball games from our back deck.

 Amanda has been working on the monkey bars.
 The little girls love these swings.
 There are always a lot of kids at the park on baseball nights. This was a friend we met. She's about a year older than Amanda.
 They all like to swing on the big swings too.  Amanda was giving Christiana pushes.  Tali likes to try to push people too but she's not so quick about getting out of the way on the back swing.
 We were thankful for the cooler weather. Ana is very allergic to bug bits and gets huge swollen pussy bites.  The cooler weather means more of her is covered and the bugs are less active.  Even with a park so close we are going to need swings in the yard because we can't go when Julia's sleeping and Christiana loves to swing.
I was carrying Julia in the wrap on front.  We usually get ready to go outside.  I wake Julia up and nurse her on the couch in the garage while the girls ride their bikes in the driveway.  Then I wrap her up and we head to the park.   Both Ana and Tali can pedal bikes now. Ana is much faster than Tali and Tali does better pedaling the trike. I guess I'll have to post pictures of that soon too.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Where's Julia?

 Usually when we're in the pool Julia is in her bed doing this:
So sweet!  I have no problem with her thumb sucking.  She goes to sleep so easily and sleeps through the night most of the time.  I'll just sew some socks on her jammies sometime after a year.  That worked really well for stopping Amanda's thumb sucking.  I don't usually let the girls in the pools until Julia is in bed because I can't just leave them to go lay her down when she does get tired. When we hear Julia waking up on the baby monitor, then it's time for all the girls to head in the house.  This day my mom and grandma stopped by for a visit so I could bring Julia out too.
My grandma is smiling the best she can in the first photo.  That's the first I've seen her even close to a smile in a while. I'm so thankful for every moment with her.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Saying Good-bye

I had a list of people that I wanted see before we moved.  Unfortunately, due the reality of life with four small children and an ill-timed string of viruses, we didn't get very far.  We did get out to see Ted and Sue and the ponies.  This picture of the girls heading out the barn is especially nostalgic for me.  Such good memories of coming here with my boys and the new delight for my girls.

They also have some horses that were boarding at the farm.  It is amazing that Ana was getting so close.  In the house, she was screaming and crying because of the dogs and cats.  I guess she's learned the value of a fence.
Tali preferred to stay back at a safer distance.

Soooo close!  This was as close as Ana let the horse get and was already pulling her hand away.

One of the many places and faces we are going to miss.*

*Before you feel too sorry for my girls, my sister leaves only a few minutes away and has horses and we've made plans for Amanda to ride in a lead line class this summer.  So no worries.  My little girlies will be able to learn to love horses in the new house too.