Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Uniforms

Amanda's birth family sends us money on her birthday and Christmas.  For a while we were just using the money for the basic things she needed but I knew they wanted us to buy her something special.  A couple of winters ago, I used Amanda's Christmas money to buy these dresses on clearance in varying sizes.   And then there were three girls.  And the there were four girls!

The little girls love to all match and given a choice, these were the dresses they chose.  Then I took a step farther and no longer give them the choice.  I got rid of most of their other dresses.  These are the church dresses.  This is what they put on every Sunday when we go to church.  They each have a pair of black legging and black shoes that go with them.  Lame?  Maybe.  But I think it's a brilliant sanity-saver.

But wait!  It's gets better.  Because these dresses are from Hannah Andersson, these same pretty, classic, feminine dresses are available in sizes all the way up to ones a teenager could wear.  And I have been able to find them on Ebay for the next size that Amanda needs and one that was smaller for Julia to wear this fall.

Okay.  So that little discovery wasn't exactly cost effective because now the little girls have matching summer dresses too. Technically Amanda was the only one who needed a summer dress but I was able to get rid of several more bags of the girls clothes.

The less stuff I need to sort, organize and find space for the better because in FOUR days the movers will arrive!!!  Eeek!  

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