Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The middle child

I often worry about giving enough time and attention to my middle son who was the baby for so long.  He doesn't complain, of course, but I feel bad that we rarely connect.  So, when he came to me one afternoon and asked to borrow my camera, I gulped and said, "Sure."  He came back with some pretty neat pictures and videos (and my camera in one piece.)  Totally worth the risk!

Tony is understandably upset about the move.  That's hard but I hope he forgives us sooner rather than later. He will be a junior next year and will be attending classes at the community college that is only a few blocks from our new house.  That's a very good thing since he'll need to ride his bike until he's able to get his license in October.  He did very well on the entrance exam and the school has an excellent engineering program which is what he is interested in pursuing.  In the long run, this move will provide him with more opportunities, but he's pretty unhappy about leaving his friends.  We do know plenty of families with kids his age, so hopefully we'll get him connected with new friends before too long.


snekcip said...

Looks like Tony can add another notch under his belt! His eye for photography is pretty good!! Wishing him a smooth transition on the upcoming move as well as new friendships!

Nix the Ever knowing soothe sayer to the stars said...

He took those pictures.. kudos to him. ^.^