Thursday, May 31, 2012

Labor and Delivery

I mentally prepared for our moving date by reminding myself that it was going to a lot like having a baby: a marathon of hard work and then weeks of recovery.  The labor began on Wednesday when the packers arrived.  Thursday morning, the girls and I packed up and headed to my mom's for the day and night.  The girls did amazing on the hour and a half drive.  Ana fell asleep shortly after departure and Tali only required one potty stop.  We pulled down a quiet road.  We could have used the potty chair that I keep in the van but I just held her over the grass.

When we arrived at my mom's, I just propped the door open while I carried our stuff in the house.  The girls were getting along quite well until Christiana closed Tali's fingers in the piano cover.  Ouch!  We found a note saying that my mom had arranged for a babysitter to come and help out after school.  It was a little hectic when she arrived because the girls were just waking up from naps and were very out of sorts and crabby.  But in no time, they had warmed up to her and my mom and I actually had a few peaceful moments to talk in the kitchen.  That never happens!  Mike and I don't even get quiet moments to talk.

I anticipated that the girls would have difficulty sleeping since we were in a new place and they've never stayed over night any where but home.  They have also been sick so they woke up coughing and they're at the point of potty training where they are beginning to wake up to use the bathroom.  So not much sleep that night.

In the morning, Mike texted me asking if we had anything for poison ivy.  Tony was pretty uncomfortable.  My mom kept the girls minus Julia while we went to closing.  The elderly couple we bought the house from were so sweet and funny.  Lots of good love in the house!  They've been married for 65 years(or maybe 66.  There was some debate).  Then we went to house to direct the movers.  They were able to back the semi up tp the garage again without any problems this time.  It was a bright clear day too.

After a couple of hours, I was really feeling awful and my mom called to say that Tali was looking pretty droopy and seemed to need a nap.  So I excused myself and went back to the house to put the girls and myself to bed.  Mike was a little concerned about directing the movers by himself but it had to be done.  Tyler had come with to drive Mike's truck here.  Mike drove his work truck.  Tyler was really sick and so I brought him back to my mom's to sleep too.

After naps, my nephews, the new babysitter and her brother and my mom all headed over to the new house.  The movers we done and had left.  My sister and sister-in-law met us there.  We left Tyler sleeping at my mom's.  My sister brought pizzas and we started unpacking the kitchen while the rest of the crew headed to the park.  It was so strange. I hardly saw my kids that afternoon.  They even had Julia over at the park for a long time.  My sister and SIL got the kitchen mostly unpacked and found the pizza cutter and something to use for hot mitts.  They kept asking me where to put stuff but it really didn't matter. It was fine for them to just put it somewhere and I would rearrange later.  My brother came after work too and helped get the lawn mower started.

It was fun and crazy and busy but good.  We got the girls to bed later than usual but it was fine.  Tali is in the closet of the girls room.  We leave the door open but she is the most easily disturbed so having a little distance is good.  Amanda and Julia slept in there with her and Ana slept in a toddler bed in our room.  The rooms are so much bigger than the ones at home.  The second night, I moved Ana's bed in with the other girls and laid down in Amanda's bed to nurse Julia when the other girls needed to go to bed.  Then I lay Julia down once everyone has fallen asleep.

I'm pleasantly surprised by how well everyone sleeps in the same room.  Everyone doesn't necessarily sleep through the night but when one wakes up they don't wake the others and when I get up to leave the room, they don't wake up either.  In general, the move has gone much smoother than I had expected.  Now, if we could just all get better and start enjoying ourselves a bit more that would be fun.  I have a similar sore throat to the one I had after to Julia was born complete with losing my voice.

My grandma is doing great!  She's been up and walking by herself.  They are attempting to have her at home but she's like a toddler always trying to get up and get into things.  We'll see what works out.  I'd love to help up more but with two toddlers of my own, I have my hands full!


The Henrys said...

It sounds like everything went really well. I am glad that everyone is settling in so well. I hope that you all feel better soon! We are all getting over a summer cold here, so I know how you feel:0

Tina Fisher said...

You are one busy Momma! Glad all is going well and sounds like you have a bigger house for you all to stretch out in.


e&e said...

Your comments about your sis and sil unpacking the kitchen reminds me of how Amish families help each other move. In a documentary I saw about Amish, the main lady had moved and talked about how grateful she was that they had set up the kitchen and everything was in such a good place...except she was saying all this as she was emptying cupboards to rearrange things because, as she said a second later, she pretty much needs to reorganize everything.

But it is sure easier to find something in the kitchen cupboards rather than in a box in a basement!


The Earnshaw's said...

I am so glad things are going so good. I hope everyone starts feeling better soon. Good luck with everything!