Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I guess I can't.  I'm sorry if you can't see the video.  I don't know what happened to it. I don't know how to find the post to edit it. Ugh!  It was of the little girls hugging and singing.  Too bad.

23 days until moving.  Mike hasn't allowed me to do any packing since his company is hiring movers to pack for us.  I want to organize stuff but now that I think about it, is is kind of silly because the stuff I want to organize and/or purge isn't even my stuff.  Oh, wait.  Now I remember why I want to do it.  Because I have felt some what crippled over that last few years when the men have been responsible for caring for their own stuff.  Some one is always asking me, "Have you seen my ....?"  and I have no clue.

Julia is gaining weight faster than I am gaining muscle.  My back really hurts!

The neighbors just got two boxer puppies.  Whenever they are in their kennel and we are outside, the girls will go over and visit them.  Ana is getting more and more brave around them.  Yesterday we were there playing on their swing set when she came out to let them inside.  As we were chatting, she opened the kennel and clipped leashes on the puppies.  It was Tali who freaked out when she saw the puppies were out of the kennel.  Ana didn't react at all.  Yeah!  Good progress!

Amanda started swimming lessons.  It's funny because we were afraid she would be too shy and clingy which is why we didn't doing any classes sooner.  In her swimming class and skating class she has been the loudest and most outgoing and sometimes a little too silly.  She argued with her skating coach that she wanted to be in the lower class with the younger kids who could barely skate because they got to play games and not just practice skating.  Funny girl.

Naptime is over!

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snekcip said...

Glad to see the "moving" process is coming along. Amanda is gonna LOVE swim lessons! We are starting Bre's 2nd year soon at our local University. She actually got to take 2 courses (one w/the university) and the other with (the local school district). She learned so much with both groups and was even jumping off the diving board (of course with instructors in the water and her in a "swimmng vest". The 2 wks (with each course)was very informative and she learned and retained a lot. I saw that firsthand this past wknd, when she asked to go swimming!! PLOP!! She was back at it like she had just taken a refresher course. Amanda will surely do the same thing!!