Monday, May 21, 2012

Four Months

Happy four months, Baby Bug!
 Babies are so much fun!  Julia is no exception.  I think I enjoy each baby a little bit more.  Julia is very snuggly and "hugs" when I cuddle or "snuffle" her.  She is sleeping in the crib in our room now and usually sleeps for 11 pm to 8 am.  She has started sucking her thumb which so sweet.  She is becoming more mobile when she's laying on her back.  She kicks and squirms and can move quite a bit.  She's probably close to 20 lbs.  We missed her four month appointment because everybody has been sick around here.  She doesn't seem to like chocolate, broccoli or asparagus.  It's too bad because I really like those things but we have some rough evenings if I indulge.
She fell asleep easily tonight so I'm going to go join her.  One more day until the movers arrive.  And it's our 18th anniversary.  Mike came home and told me he's buying me a new house for our anniversary.  Ha, ha!  Funny guy!  Good night!


Juanita83 said...

She is gorgeous. Happy anniversary and good luck on the move!!

Sheri said...

Happy anniversary. That's so sweet. Sounds like something my hubby would say to me :)

snekcip said...

That is one GORGEOUS BABY!!! OMG!!!!That picture w/her hugging her SNUGGY is the most adorable picture ever!! She is growing! Where does the time go?