Monday, May 14, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, my Grandma had a fall and had been a little unstable since.  Last Monday, my mom took her to the ER because she couldn't feed herself or walk anymore.  Since, Ana's been getting up at 5:30 am anyways, we just decided to ride with Mike to work on Tuesday and spend the day visiting her.  Here's the story I shared with my family after we got home.

We got to the hospital yesterday around 9 am or so.  We were all a little shocked by the bruising on Grammy's face so Mike took the little girls out into the waiting room to color and have a snack. A gentleman from her church was there to give her Communion but she wouldn't wake up.  I stood by her and hugged her carefully and prayed some Rosary.  I changed the tv channel to EWTN.  Pretty soon a nurse came in and brought 4 folding chairs.  I sat down next to Grammy and wondered how long I could get away with leaving Mike in the waiting room with all four girls and just enjoying listening to Grammy breathing quietly. ;)

The girls started coming in and out the room and since they were getting used to the scene, I told Mike I could manage so he could go to work.  He called for a ride and was on his way.  The girls worked on puzzles, ate their snacks and colored.  The doctor came in and checked on her and asked about her. He told me that she had a very serious brain-bleed and he didn't expect her to last more then a couple days especially since she seemed to go down hill so fast and now couldn't be woken.  After I nursed Julia, I laid her at the foot of Grammy's bed while we watched the acrobat's video and danced around a bit.  She's in a nice big room at the end of the hall. It was very nice space to just hang out and be with her.

At precisely 10:30 am, she woke up and started looking around.  I asked her how she was doing.  She said, "Just fine."  I asked her if she wanted to hear the Rosary and she nodded.  Amanda was excited when she woke up and when over to talk to her.  I asked her if she wanted or needed anything and she shook her head.  Amanda and Ana held the Rosaries that were in the room.  Eventually Amanda let Tali have a turn.  I moved the rocking chair closer to Grammy's bed so we could see the tv better and be closer to her while I rocked Julia to sleep.  The middle girls were still a little afraid of her.  I don't remember having any specific conversations with Amanda but she was very knowledgeable and comfortable with Grammy's condition and destination (heaven).   She also kept asking if she had died yet.

Around 11 am, my sister came to eat lunch with us.  Grammy was awake and responsive to Christie.  Then the priest came to do the annointing.  Grammy was still awake.  We gathered around the bed and Amanda helped hold the oil.  (Their priest is so good about including the kids.)  I'm so glad we were there and got to be a part of the annointing.

Soon, Bonnie and Tristen came.  Bonnie did so great caring for her.  Bonnie said she was more alert and responsive than she had been the night before.  I took Ana and Tali out for a walk to the van to ger our lunch.  Bonnie worked on getting Grammy some lunch.  She helped her sit up and get her adjusted.  Grammy was hungry and wanting to eat.  Bonnie helped her eat about 1/2 banana and drink some water.  Then Bonnie, Tristen and Amanda went to the cafeteria to get their lunch. By the time Grammy's food came, she had fallen back asleep and the kids were getting squirrely so we needed to go.  We told the nurses that she'd need help eating.  It was about 2 pm.  

It reminded me of so many family gatherings: sharing food, lots of kids and Grammy snoozing in the midst.  Amanda kept asking me, "Are you sure Grammy's sick?  Because she seemed just fine."  I agreed and I have wondered if she isn't going to fool us again and be healed.

 It was a nice visit and I'm glad we came and kept Grammy company for a while.

My mom has been keeping us updated since then.  During the week, she has still been responsive, eating, and they have even gotten her up for wheelchair tours of the hospital.  Saturday was a busy day for her since my cousin and her family and my aunt and uncle came from the Cities.  She's is now being moved from the hospice area of the hospital since she is no longer "eminently dying."  She is obviously on the decline; she's 92, but I just hope she holds on for several more weeks so we can spend come time with her when we get there.  

We have just 10 more days.  I don't have to do any packing but I wanted to do some organizing and purging before the movers came.  I'm beginning to accept that I just can do everything I want to or think that I should.  Especially since everybody's been sick including Mike and I.  For the same reason, I'm probably not going to be able to say all the "Goodbyes"  I had wanted to do.  Goodbyes are definitely the worse part about moving.

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