Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Three Months Old

Did I mention Julia was 15 lbs at her two month appointment? She was. And she's bigger now at three months. I would weigh her on our scale at home but it says I weigh 113. So unless I lost 30 lbs in a week, there probably something wrong with our scale.

The time has gone by so fast. She's really growing and changing. She rarely cries these days but instead coos in a complaining sort of way when she's unhappy or wants something different. Often times, she falls asleep on her own but other times I rock or nurse her to sleep. It's a good excuse to sit down and relax for a while.

She is really interacting with her sisters and becoming interested in toys. I've notices a change while she's nursing too. Instead of clutching her hands to her chest, she has been grabbing my shirt. She's very smiley and very happy. She sleeps for good stretches at night. Now if only her sisters would follow suit.

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snekcip said...

Oh my sweetness!!! Look at all that BABY CHUB!!! Nothing is more precious than a CHUBBY BABY!!!! JULIA is GORGEOUS!! Great Pics Katie!!