Monday, April 23, 2012

More Prom Photos

A mom of one of Tyler's friends took some more photos of Tyler and his date after they got done with Grand March. She did a wonderful job. It was cold and rainy. I felt so bad for Tyler's date. Brrr! You wouldn't know by the pictures.

Tyler said he had a great time. He said it took a little while to feel comfortable in the fancy clothes but by the end of the night he was more relaxed and really enjoying himself. He said he danced with lots of different girls even ones that he wouldn't normally talk to at school because they were "preppy." He said that at prom everybody looked the same. He also said that he didn't like the slow dances and preferred the rap songs with a good beat. Mike let him stay out a little later than usual but we weren't worried too much about him. He has commented that he really doesn't get hassled because everyone knows he's enlisted so there a lot less peer pressure.

Tyler has also been working out pretty regularily to get ready for basic training. At the turn of the year, we got a membership to a gym and Mike will take the boys in late in the evening. Sometimes they just go in by themselves. We are happy to see his enlistment affecting him positively. He is still very excited about enlisting and has not had second thoughts. That fact that he's going to be leaving is becoming a little more real and I do get teary now and then thinking about it. It will be such a big adjustment. The little girls are all going to miss him so much. I would have to guess Amanda will enjoy sending him drawings and letters. :)

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A Family of Love said...

Awesome! He looks very handsome and his date is gorgeous.