Sunday, March 11, 2012

Outdoor Fun

The house will be listed on Monday. The realtor said to expect lots of showings the first week. Mike's relocation company asked for it to be priced very aggressively. The realtor was here yesterday and pointed out all the things that would help get the house in top condition to make the best first impression. There was a lot that we still needed to do. There is a lot we still need to do.

I had been trying to get stuff done but it was so stressful and nearly impossible to complete anything while caring for the little girls. Instead, we spent lots of time playing outside last week.

Hopefully, we get lots of stuff done tomorrow and we get an offer next week. Once we get an purchase agreement, Mike's relocation company takes over and we can relax. Well, sort of. Then we'll need to really get serious about finding a new place to live.

I can't wait the see the big things that God is going to accomplish to make this move possible. It's certainly not going to happen because of what I can do. I'm already thankful to hear we're supposed to have warm weather. That will make life a little easier.


Danielle said...

I hope you do get a lot done, but even if you don't, try not to stress, it will all work out.
We took things to storage yesterday in effort to make our house seem more spacious for showing. It can be very overwhelming to think about all that goes into moving, but that doesn't help anything does it. : )
I think I'm preaching to myself here. I hope your house sells quickly so that you don't have to have a lot of showings.
God bless you,

Kristi said...

We were reading a verse today at church and I came across Talitha's name! Thought of y'all! I still am planning on sending a package been pretty busy :)

snekcip said...

Whoaaa! Happy Monday!! Busy week!! Hope the house SALES fast and a new house is on the forefront!!