Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Oldest

Have I ever told the story of Tyler's Jeep? We never planned to buy our boys a vehicle. We live close to several businesses: restaurant, golf course, resort. I fully expected they would get a job and bike to work until they earned enough money for a vehicle. And then Tyler got a job washing dishes at a restaurant 7 miles away and he worked until 10 or 11 pm. And he worked on the days Mike was out of town and couldn't drive him to work. And there was no way I was letting him take the van full of carseats with him. So, we bought another vehicle. Mike's brother was selling it and even though it was a bit more vehicle than we thought Tyler would have for his first. He's pretty lucky and Tony's pretty happy that it will be passed to him when Tyler leaves. (He had just washed it and asked if some one would take a photo of him and his Jeep.)

And my oldest holding my youngest.

Our friend Dee stopped by to see the baby. She was here with the girls while I was in the hospital but she hadn't seen Julia. When Tyler walked in she said, "Have you held the baby yet? Here! Take her. Katie, get the camera." And there I was getting a picture of my oldest holding my youngest. We haven't really pushed the babies onto the boys and they haven't really wanted much to do with them. But he so easily obligied and even told me to tag him on Facebook in the photo. I felt bad. Maybe we should have asked him to hold her sooner. Oh, well. Dee also tried to teach Tyler how to swaddle a baby when the boys stayed with her while we were in Texas picking up Amanda. She has such a special relationship with the boys. I think they would do anything for her.


jodilee0123 said...

Awwww,Katie, love this post. Makes every long day worth living, doesn't it? BEAUTIFUL!

snekcip said...

Nothing like a boy and his first car!!! Especially love the photo of him and his baby sis!!