Thursday, March 15, 2012

Art Show #3

Since Tyler's a senior this year(sniff, sniff), he got his own table at
the art show this year. Amanda, Julia and I went to go see him and his work. It's nice see him using color and different mediums. The subject matter? Well, there are no ponies or rainbows for this boy. ;)

We've had a crazy week. We got the house ready for pictures Sunday afternoon and kept working to get the house ready for our first showing on Monday at 6 pm. It was with a guy is moving from the town that we are moving to. He is working with our realtor, which is how the showing got scheduled so quickly. We had our neighbor come to do some paint touch ups and our babysitter come to take care of the girls. After they woke up from naps, she loaded them into our van and fed them snacks while I finished cleaning up the inside. Tony was here to help too. You know, between texting his friends. Then we brought our dinner to our neighbor's. My other neighbor kept me posted about what was happening at my house.

Tuesday morning, about 9 am, I remembered that we were having a office walk through at 10 am. It was supposed to be fine if we were still there, but there were a few things I wanted to get at Target, so I decided to pack all the girls up and go to town. That was a little nuts.

Wednesday we had another showing and my mom came to help with the girls. Everyday, I get more and more organizing projects done that make getting it show-ready faster and easier. The weather was also beautiful so after naps, my mom took the girls outside and fed them a snack and when I finished inside, we headed to the park. We were there for a long time and planned to have our dinner there but the park bathrooms weren't open yet and there was no way I could use the little potty we keep in the van. ;) So, we headed to another neighbor's to eat our dinner. Thankfully we have such great neighbors so we have quite a few options of places to go during showings.

The feedback has been positive. The realtors were impressed by how clean it was. Really? You mean some people don't clean it like this? I guess all those hours watch HGTV while nursing Tali paid off. Monday's buyer was going to show the MLS listing to his wife and Wednesday's buyer is going to come back on Saturday with her son. Yesterday was a long day because Mike was gone until late. Thankfully he took today off. I spent today cooking in order to have leftovers we can grab quick on showdays. It was nice to have a relaxing day after the craziness that began at about 8:50 am on Saturday. That's when Mike woke me up to remind me the realtor would be there at 9 am to sign the listing agreement.

The house looks amazing and the boys have done a super job keeping their rooms picked up. But still, I hope we get a purchase agreement soon so we can go back to living in our house.


e&e said...

Cleaning tips, please! I don't get HGTV.

Who is that guy in the top photo? That can NOT be your little boy...


Davene Grace said...

I'm so glad for an update; I've been wondering how life has been for you this week! I honestly can't imagine doing all that you're doing, and with a new baby on top of it all! I take my hat off to you. May God continue to give you strength and patience for each day! :)

Danielle said...

Sounds very busy, but you're staying on top of it. Very good! Our family would have had McDonalds at least once by now. :) Sounds like you do have nice neighbors -another plus for the buyers.