Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Week Three

Julia is acting more like a normal newborn. Her sleep patterns are predictably unpredictable. Today day she slept all through naptime. I think that's the first time she's done that on the days I've been home alone with the girls. I'm so thankful. I really needed the rest. Amanda is doing well during rest time. She does puzzles or school or colors.

I'm starting to feel a lot more normal other than the sleep deprivation. The uterine prolapse is almost completely better and I have been able to get out and go for walks and do some exercising at home. On Monday, I took all four little girls outside for the first time. We were going to walk over to our neighbor Carrie's but when we got outside we found out it was really windy. We decided to only go as far as Heather's. It turned out the Carrie and her kids were already over at Heather's. It was nice. I hadn't seen Carrie since she had her baby in December. We played outside in the woods on Heather's playground. It was out of the wind and the kids had a good time. When Carrie had to go home, we all went inside to play for a bit too.

Julia slept in the wrap the whole time. Our visit went fine until it was time to go. That's was a little stressful and involved lots of crying. Most of our exits are like that. We'll have to work on that.

Today, we actually all piled in the vehicle and headed out. Heather and Carrie and a few other moms met at a local gym to play. I loaded the three older girls in the van first and then went back in the house to get Julia out of bed and loaded in her carseat.

At the gym, I got Amanda out first. She's in the integrated child-seat on the passenger side. Then I flipped her seat forward and got Ana out of the back and Tali out of the middle. I sent them to the door and went and got Julia from behind the driver's seat. That limited Julia's time out in the cold. This car seat arrangement will work for a short while longer. The intergrated seat only goes to 40 lbs and Amanda is 38 lbs.

At gym time, the Ana and Tali don't usually play. They sit on chairs next to me and watch. I think that is just fine. They are quiet and not getting into fights or trouble. Amanda had a good time running around with the other kids and I was able to have some adult conversation.

On the way out, I just reversed the order. I put Julia in first and started the van. The other little girls slid around on a frozen puddle until it was time for them to get buckled in. I'm glad we went. It was nice to get out. We went for another walk this afternoon. It seems like life is so much better when we can get outside everyday.

Here's some photos from when my mom was here. She's been bringing the girls new puzzles to do and she has spent time helping them work on them.

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snekcip said...

Ahhh you got a system down pat!! Way to go!!!