Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pictures and a Bit of Babbling

I love this little pink and green outfit. It was one of the things I picked out for Amanda. Who knew I'd have four little girls wearing it. This bassinet was Cousin Reilly's so Amanda didn't use it but I have pictures of the other three girls in it. It's next to the bed in our room. I have it propped up on one side on a fold-up exercise mat. I think with spitty babies it's always nice to have them on a bit of an incline. The elevated sleeping wedge we used with Tali and Ana was in pretty rough shape and needed to be thrown out. Julia is not as spitty as they were, but I still like her propped up a bit.

I love these soft little cheeks. There is nothing sweeter!

She's already outgrowing this hat. Too bad. She only wore it in pictures. If we make it to church on Sunday, maybe she'll get to wear it. We haven't gone since the week before she was born. Since I only have two days on the weekend to recover a bit of the sleep I've lost during the week, I rather sleep in while Mike gets up with the girls instead of getting up at the ridiculously early hour I would need to get every ready and presentable for church. Mike and Amanda went last Sunday. Getting one little girls ready for church is doable after sleeping in a bit. Four plus me? Not so much.

I love these little fingers. Amanda is always trying to get her to grab things and hold onto them.

Somebody get this girl to the chiropractor! She definitely favors one side. I hope to go in on Monday. Mike will be home. Again, when I've had help, I always opt for taking a nap instead of trying to get ready to go some where. We both need an adjustment though.

I'm convinced the reason she has trouble falling asleep at night is because it's so quiet. She often dozes off in the midst of the girls noisy chaos. One day when she was having trouble sleeping during the day, I tried the sound machine on the heartbeat setting. She didn't seem to like it. Too bad they don't have a "Daddy Snoring" setting. She sleeps though that. ;)

The only time I really see any sibling rivalry toward Julia is when I take out the camera. "Take a picture of me too!" Otherwise, they just want to hug her and squeeze her and touch her.

First smiles.

It happens quite frequently that the little girls are eating when Julia wakes up and needs to nurse. I can nurse her pretty comfortably at the table using a blanket for support and padding in the captain's chair. Then we just sit and snuggle until the girls are done. I try to have a couple of wet wash clothes ready at the table so when they are done, I can wipe them up and get them down, while still sitting and holding Julia. I actually started the practice when I was pregnant to avoid the pain of get up out of my chair and trying to bend over to wipe them clean.

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