Sunday, February 19, 2012

At 10:44 am last night, I posted this status on Facebook after finally getting Julia to sleep:

"There is a definite link between a sleepless baby and chocolate eating. I'm not sure if the chocolate eating is causing the sleepless baby but the sleepless baby is definitely causing the chocolate eating."

Since I haven't had much time with Mike, I invited him to come tuck me in, i.e. give me a back rub. :) At some point, during those few minutes, Tali woke up and needed to be reminded to be quiet and go back to bed. After a while, Mike went downstairs to sleep so his coughing and snoring wouldn't wake everybody up.

At 12:30 am, Julia was up again. About the time I had gotten her fed, changed and rocked back to sleep, I heard a thump from Tali's room and some crying. She had fallen out of bed. With Julia still in my arms, I went in to comfort her. I heard Mike come up the stairs, so I sent Tali out to snuggle with him while I put Julia to bed.

Tali put up quite a fuss about going back in her bed which woke up Amanda who started coughing and gagging. During all the commotion with Amanda, Tali was quiet, but once we got Amanda settled, she started crying on and off again. For the next two hours, I had to go in there about every ten or twenty minutes because she was crying again. 2:30 am was the last time I had to go in there.

At 4 am, Amanda woke up coughing and gagging again. I gave her some pain reliever and honey to soothe her throat. By 4:30 am, Julia was up again. I put her back to bed around 5 am and then listened to her snuffle and gasp because her nose is stuffy. I kept thinking I should get up and try to use a little breast milk to help loosen things up but I just couldn't drag myself out of bed.

At 7 am, Ana, who had been wonderfully quiet all night despite all the commotion going on I very close proximity to where she was sleeping, woke up and started chattering cheerfully. Julia woke a crying again too. I did what I could to relieve her breathing troubles before nursing her again.

At that was it. The end of my night. The beginning of my day. We started getting ready for church.

I often have people say to me, "I don't know how you do it." I don't know how I do it either. After I night like last night, I often wonder how I will ever survive the tomorrow, but I do. It's a bit like the miracle of the fishes and the loaves. The doutful, faithless disciples didn't think they had enough to feed the large crowd but Jesus made it enough.

Like the simple meal of bread and fish, I also have simple expectations for myself: full tummies, clean, dry bottoms, and quiet, gentle words in their ears. Anything else that I manage to accomplish is a bonus. :)


The Henrys said...

I love your perspective on your tough night. We have had nights like that before too. This is something I will need to remind myself when I have a newborn waking up at night again. I pray that you will be blessed with more sleep soon!

Allison said...

I have never commented but read your blog faithfully. This post really spoke to me. Being only the mom of one but working full time and in school full time, I often times wonder how I do it all too. I read something the other day in an article for school about our "cultural expectation of maternal perfection." Thank you for your encouraging words and your encouraging blog

e&e said...

I love that story of Jesus, especially when someone pointed out to me once that not only did He provide enough to feed those thousands of people, but He provided enough for multiple baskets of leftovers. Our God is able and generous!

Once when someone said to me, "I don't know how you do it." I blurted out, "I don't. God does." So true!


Danielle said...

That sounds like a very rough night! I like your list of essentials. I think that about covers it. Gentle words is probably the biggest feat, and the most important. We've had a couple busy days. I hope to e-mail you this afternoon.

snekcip said...

Very wonderful and thought provoking post. As a mother of 4 grown kids, I was often asked that question. I was a young mother, I was a 25yr old w/4 little ones. My husband and I felt like we were a walking "circus act" when we would go out. We were often asked "how do you do it", I can always remember replying "we don't think about it...we just do it"! Now that they are all grown, we find that "very same question" again. This time w/our adopted little one..most ask "how do you find the energy"! I NOW reply...she keeps us YOUNG!! This weekend we had the pleasure of having 3 of the grandsons, ages 3,2,1 visit for 5days. Add to that our 4yr old and it was indeed interesting. You just have to have a "method to the madness"! I love the way you kept a cool, calm presence of mind. Thanks for sharing, I adore your blog and following you on fb to the fullest!

PK said...

Great perspective. All you moms out there - keep up the great work.