Thursday, February 2, 2012


Update: My uncle is at home and resting. He's feeling no pain at the moment but I'm sure he'll be pretty sore in the coming days. He was hit right outside their place of business. My aunt was working inside and heard the accident but didn't know he was involved until he called her. This all happened just one stoplight east of where my mom was hit. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes.

Almost two years ago, my mom was hit by a driver running a red light. Today, my uncle was hit by another driver running a red light. This is not a tradition we'd like to continue. Praying for his health and recovery. It sounds like he may have some back and neck injuries and my aunt is very shook up. I don't think she was with him. I hope to hear more of an update later.


snekcip said...

My heartfelt prayers for your Uncle.

A Family of Love said...

Praying for quick healing for your uncle!